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Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association

LHWSA Membership

The Langstone Harbour Board allows skiing in the sheltered waters of the harbour
subject to the activities being organised and policed by an association.

What do I get with Membership ?

How do I apply for membership ?

First obtain a membership form.
The membership form for 2024 is now available for download.
To download the membership form in Adobe PDF format click here.
To download the membership form in Microsoft Word format click here.
To discuss 2024 memberships, go to the contacts page and e-mail the membership secretary.

Complete the membership form (not forgetting your Patrol date) and return it with your cheque to the membership secretary.

How do I select my Patrol Date ?

When entering your three preferences for Patrol dates on the membership form refer to the Patrol Rota to check that the dates you want are available. A copy of the Patrol Procedures will be sent to you with your membership cards. You can also find them on the Information page.

I have received my membership cards, what do I do now ?

Take your LHWSA membership card and boat insurance details down to the Langstone Harbour Board Office during working hours to purchase your Ski Licence.