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Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association

Patrol Procedures and Information

Why Patrol?

Water-skiing in Langstone Harbour is reviewed on an annual basis by the Harbour Board. The LHWSA was formed some 20 years ago at the Board's request, to carefully control and organise water-skiing. Each association member is required to carry out one 4 hour patrol per season, thus assisting the Harbour Board with policing the ski area.  At the end of the season the total number of patrols are given by the Harbour Office to the Harbour Board.

In the event of consistently poor patrol records, and subsequent safety, the Harbour Board COULD stop ALL water-skiing. It is therefore entirely up to us as association members to comply with the Patrol regulations if water-skiing is to continue in Langstone Harbour.

Patrol Times

Patrols are on all weekends and Bank Holidays.

If only one patrol is booked on the day, you may adjust the start and finish times. For example, patrol from 11:00 to 15:00 instead.

Before You Patrol

How to Patrol

The offences to look out for during your patrol are as follows:

Important to Remember

If You Experience Trouble With An Offender

If Your Patrol Is Quiet

After Your Patrol

Final Word

The quantity and quality of LHWSA patrols is very important to the future of water-skiing in Langstone Harbour. Please make every effort to ensure that your patrol is effective.