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Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association

History of the Association

For those new or recent members it may be interesting to understand how the LHWSA came into being.

Membership badge from original Langstone Water-Ski Club

Water skiing has been going on in Langstone since the fifties. The original Langstone Water-Ski Club was founded by (amongst others) John Warner (of Mark Warner Holidays fame) and operated from a property just off Ferry Road in Sinah Warren. This club ceased to exist around 1968. There is a water ski training area with a jump marked on charts from this period in Sinah Lake which is north of where the ski area now is.

The Langstone Harbour Water Skiers Association was formed in 1976 by a group of keen skiers including several who are still members today. Its first chairman was Martin Ward, who remained on the committee for many years helping with the running of the club. Paul Faulkner is also one of the founding members and remains a member.

In 1977 the association was given responsibility for regulating water skiing in the harbour by the Harbour Board with the support of the Harbour Master at the time, Captain Thompson.

The Association joined British Water Ski (then the British Water Ski Federation) in the following year.

first raft based on admiralty paint barge

In 1983 Ian Hamilton took on the job of Chairman and one of his first acts was the purchase of an ex-admiralty wooden paint barge for use as the associations first raft.

Raft in 1993

The first "proper" raft was built by members volunteering their time in the late eighties out of second-hand marina pontoons (anyone know exactly ?). By 1993 this was looking somewhat the worst for wear and a new 'H' shape raft was built.

The "Fingers" on the 'H' flexed in waves so, in 1994, it was converted to the same shape as we have now.

Raft in 2005

Winter storms in 2000-2001 caused break-up and structural failure of the 1993 raft and it was replaced in 2001, built again using members time and money.
At the end of 2002 Ian Hamilton retired as Chairman and Simon Baldry took on the role.

Raft being dismantled

The 2001 raft lasted 17 seasons and was dismantled in early 2019.

If any of the longer term members or ex-members can add or correct details, or have interesting photos of the evolution of LHWSA please contact the webmaster here.